I Chair the Countywide Intergovernmental Flooding Task Force, which has enjoyed much success for neighborhoods, especially older neighborhoods in my district.

This simple concept works. We bring together all governmental entities with right-of-ways in neighborhoods and ask them to work together to fix the entire neighborhood with needed maintenance rather than each entity taking an ad hoc approach of fixing only one or two streets then leaving the rest of the pipes and ditches clogged.


I’m committed to providing much needed support and encouragement for our police, firefighters and EMTs, allowing them to do their jobs so that we can all live in a safer community. It is a fact that most officers are fair minded, outstanding members of the community and should not be judged by the poor decisions of a few. In the Senate, I will continue to be a strong advocate for those who fight to keep our communities safe.

Currently, I am advocating for S. 276 which will make it illegal for people to threaten to cause mass destruction in places where the public gathers. The bill passed out of the Senate last year and is now residing in the House.

To read the bill, click here.




I have worked tirelessly to end traffic nightmares with both immediate and long term fixes. I carried through with my promise to support I-526 and now this project is finally moving forward after years of being stuck. I have worked hand-in-hand with DOT to adjust stoplight timing and make roadways safer. I have also steadfastly supported Charleston Moves and other groups which aim to encourage travel by means other than in cars.

Fixing the roads is just the beginning — we need a comprehensive plan on how to maintain our roads once we invest in them. Our traffic problems cannot wait years and years to be fixed.

To read more about what I have helped accomplish, click here.

Being a good steward of our environment is important to my entire family. With urban sprawl creeping all over our state, it is important to preserve undeveloped land for future generations to enjoy. Further, we must keep our scenic areas both safe and timeless. In the Senate, I’m working to encourage more conservation easements and I fight to preserve our scenic byways.

Read my commentary on preserving Highway 61 here. 

For students who prefer working with their hands, schools need to focus on vocational and technological training (CTE) at the high school level which prepares them for the growing high skilled labor force we need in the area. We should also teach students who learn best by repetition something vastly needed today which is: “How to earn a solid living with a skill, a little business sense, and a good ole-fashioned tool belt.”

I have been a steadfast supporter of technical schools and having high school students attend tech when they and their parents are convinced that technical training is what they need to succeed.