Charleston, S.C. – WCBD – Senator Sandy Senn is joined by the South Carolina Department of Transportation, Charleston County Public Works, City of Charleston and elected officials for the fourth Countywide Intergovernmental Flood Prevention Taskforce Committee neighborhoods walkthrough.

Every quarter these government agencies tour homes around Charleston to access flood damage, determine ownership between state, county or city agencies and develop a plan to correct the issue.

After the walkthroughs, worked is asked to be completed within 90 days if possible.

A follow-up meeting will be held at the North Charleston City Hall for every agency to report what they were able to accomplish.

“They don’t like to not get anything accomplished because you know then the other agencies look better then they do so it’s a little bit of peer pressure but it works and these guys are great I really enjoy these kind of days,” said Senn.

If you would like to report flooding at your residence you can do so by calling or emailing the legislative delegation office.