TRAFFIC, FLOODING AND INFRASTRUCTURE: Senn believes in measured growth with infrastructure needs being met before development. She has brought funding to her counties for roadways and sidewalks and
she chairs the legislative delegation’s flood fighting task force.

CONSERVATION AND LITTER: Senn serves on the Palmetto Pride Board. She works hard to eradicate litter on land and in waterways. She obtained increased state funding for litter pick up on our highways and on secondary rural roadways.

EDUCATION AND EDUCATORS: Senn supports state funding which allows students to attend technical schools while they are still in high school. She believes focus needs to be placed not only on those students who are college bound, but also on STEM training and trades. Senn has voted for each and every teacher raise and believes that we must pay to retain seasoned educators.

FIRST RESPONDERS AND VETERANS: Sandy believes that we must protect those who protect us. She is the “go-to” legislator for police, firefighters and EMT’s. Senn also knows we must show support to our veterans. She has voted to cut income taxes for everyone, but also to exempt veterans from state income tax entirely.